Friday, August 27, 2010

It may still feel like were waiting for Summer, but its almost over and videoconferencing is back! These months of September and October we have:

Sept. 29 from noon-1:30 Law @ Lunch: Small Claims Coirt and How it Works
This is an introduction to 'Small Claims Court' (now called Provincial Court - Civil). It will give you a chance to learn about:
-What kinds of cases the court hears
-The limit for claims
-How lawsuits in the court are started and defended
-Procedure before trial including processes like mediation
-Evidence and witnesses; and
-Conducting trials and what actually happens there.

Oct. 6 noon-1:30 Law @ Lunch: Residential Tenancies
-Security deposits
-Termination of tenancies, and
These are some of the things that will be discussed in this look at legal rights and resonsibilities of people renting places to live.

Oct 13 at noon-1:30 Law @ Lunch: Seperation and Divorce
In the course of exploring what can happen legally when a couple decides to seperate or divorce, the speaker will discuss issues like:
-The process- what is the court process? - are there other ways, like mediation or collaborative law, to try and how do they work?
-Child maintenance, custody (parenting) and access (contact) - how the children will be looked after
-Spousal maintenance - the extent to which one separating or divorcing spouce will have to support the other
-Matrimonial property - how the property will be divided.

Oct. 20 fron noon-1:30 Law @ Lunch: Losing A Job & Wrongful Dismissal
In this presentation you'll learn about:
-When a dismissal is 'wrongful'
-Rights and responsibilities of someone who loses a job, and
-The amount of compensation that may be awarded to wrongfully dismissed employees and how it is determined.

Oct 27 at noon-1:30 Law @ Lunch: Law and Living Together:
What are the legal rights and responsibilities of unmarried people living together as spouses and how do they differ from those of married people? What is a cohabination agreement and how important is it for people in such relationships to have one? What is an adult interdependent partner and what is the significance of becoming one? This presentation provides an opportunity to look at questions like these. The topics for dicussion include care and support of children, inheritance, and property.

Oct. 28 noon-1:00 Cutting out Lattes to meet long-term goals (or budget really isn't a four-letter word)!
Its amazing what learning to budget can do for reaching your goals. Everyone's budget should consider your budget "personality" and what's important to you. Learn what's important when budgeting, things to make the process easier and what the end result can be. Join Joanne Metzgar, Investment and Retirement Planner as she walks you through some budget concepts.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thanks for the awsome Summer and for everyone who joined in on the activities. This year was a fun group of everyone who joined in. hope to see you next Summer at the Summer Reading Program for some fun, games and activities!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Closing Party

August 13, 2009 at 11:30am we will be meeting at Perrett Park for the closing party of the Summer Reading Program.

All children and their families who have participated in any of the Summer Reading Club programs are welcome to attend the closing party. Sign up is required.

Everyone come dressed as a jungle animal or adventurer. Please wear clothes under your costum that can get wet. Families will enjoy a barbeque, games, and more...

More information to come...
Tuesday, August 10 is the end date for all Destination Jngle time sheets to be handed in for the Summer Reading Program. Please put your age on the page.
Keep Reading!!!